belajar design t-shirt
belajar design t-shirtWelcome back with newest design from belajar design t-shirt. In this moment I'm gonna try to appreciate our behavior as blogger called blogwalking, a habitual action for visiting each other. By doing blogwalking, we can make some friends and share each other. Wish this design is able to remind us to regularly visit and share each other.

Open white default canvas on photoshop. Type BLOGWALKING using CreativeBlock BB font style.

belajar design t-shirt

Convert the text into shape. Activate your Path Selection Tool (A), click on each letters and re-arrange them such shown below. Combine with Ctrl+T to transform.

belajar design t-shirt

Add Gradient Overlay, Stroke, Inner Glow and Drop Shadow. Set the setting in order to get the best view such show on screen-shot below.

belajar design t-shirt

Open Custom Shape and choose cat path shape. Right click on text shape and copy layer style to paste into path cat shape.

belajar design t-shirt

Here is the result. It has the same layer style now.

belajar design t-shirt

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the path cat shape and arrange them such shown below or personalize yourself.

belajar design t-shirt

In this step, we can use blogger icon. Try to search on Google. Drag and drop it into canvas and convert to smart object. Re-size and re-arrange it to cover B letter. Use Ctrl+T to accommodate this action.

belajar design t-shirt

Here what I mean to get from all action steps.

belajar design t-shirt

Try this on your blank t-shirt. Don't forget to try in different color t-shirt to get the best appearance.

belajar design t-shirt

Complete your session by downloading PSD and JPEG file for this design t-shirt article.

Thank you very much for always being in touch with belajar design t-shirt. See you!

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Asis Sugianto mengatakan...

Sobat emank kreatif, sampe2 BLOGWALKING di jadikan motif kaos,,,, 2 jempol buat sobat,,,

Iskaruji mengatakan...

Seadanya saja...
Hanya berkarya berdasarkan apa yang terlintas di kepala...hehe
Thank for comment..!

deasy mengatakan...

I Love blogwalking!

Indonesian Rhapsody mengatakan...

sangat kreatif..:D

LadyzuL ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ mengatakan...

bleh akak ambil gambar T-shit blogwalking