belajar design t-shirtInspirated by Jojo and Shinta who rocketed with their lipsing Keong Racun show on youtube, belajar design t-shirt try to accomodate this with a simple design t-shirt seems youtube's logo. Wish this design also “rocketed” such their video....hehe

Open your default canvas with white solid color. Type KEONG and RACUN in different layer with Franklin Gothic Demi font style.

Convert all text layer into shape. I'm sure you've familiar with this command.

Activate Rounded Rectangle Tool. Set radius 40px and red base color.
Press Ctrl+T to transform red rounded rectangle. Right click on transform area and choose Warp.

Do a bit drag on each dot border on transform area to get more rounded. See screenshoot below...!

To have a lighting effect on red rounded, add gradient overlay. Please, keep an eyes on screenshot below to get the best set and result.

Add drop shadow style on red rounded rectangle. Set size and distance with 1px. Other let it default setting.

Re-position and size text shape closely with Youtube logo style. Press Ctrl+T to accomodate this.

Change the color of RACUN text shape into white. And give pillow emboss style. Set the emboss setting just like the screenshot below shown.

Type PAYCASH YOURSELF using the same font style with KEONG RACUN. Use #666666 base color. Imagine to have similiarly looks like BROADCAST YOURSELF as Youtube motto.

Finalize, add shape TM with cyrcle. No specific tutorial how to make it. I'm sure, you're able to do that yourself...

Here it is. It's time to show up. We got what we've done.

Jreeeenng...!Congratulation! Now you're one of million Jojo and Shinta fans...hehehe

Ok, see you next design and always keep in touch with belajar design t-shirt with photoshop. Don't forget to download PSD and JPEG file of this post also. Thank you!

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M. Chandra Panjinata mengatakan...

desain yang kreatif dan inovatif, pintar menangkap moment...sukses selalu buatmu

blognya mbax sri mengatakan...

ide bagus shippp tax follow yach follow me back

Matahari Free Mp3 mengatakan...

Kreatif sob. Like this.
Met malam. ^_^