belajar design t-shirt
Still in campaign modes. For this occasion, belajar design t-shirt will serve you with a t-shirt design made of image we found on internet. That's the easiest way to move up your ideas on designing. And this one really impress my mind to campaign to stop smoking [personally never...hehe] for our healthy, or it will kill you slowly.

Nothing special in this design except main theme itself. Easy process, it's only made of some layers with picture shown on t-shirt. Actually, you can use any image you found on internet as your t-shirt design. Choose high resolution one and always convert it to smart object.

belajar design t-shirt

Wish you enjoy with this design and here is PSD and JPEG file for this post. See you!

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Asis Sugianto mengatakan...

Kenapa bukan ashtho software easy sob tulisannya..... hehehehe.... sukses selalu sob..

Iskaruji mengatakan...

hehe...sukses selalu juga and happy blogging..