belajar design t-shirt
Welcome back my Dear...! It's about couple of days out of blogging activities just to celebrate Iedul Fitri 1431H. But now, belajar design t-shirt is coming back with up to date t-shirt design for you. Really, it's become new categories of my t-shirt design which I named "Design T-shirt Personal Photo".

With this t-shirt design idea, we can personalize our music band favorite any any celebrities we fan of. Don't forget to Download PSD file for your ready to print or as a sample.
belajar design t-shirt
Thanks for being support for belajar design t-shirt. Where you can start to design your own t-shirt with Photoshop and Download PSD file for free. See you next t-shirt design...

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windflowers mengatakan... with personal photo...? its great...!!

Iskaruji mengatakan...

Thanks Mbak...have a nice day!