How appreciate belajar design t-shirt to begin this month with the second award from my best friend blogger PxPoenya*. Wish this award always makes a great friendship between us. Always supporting belajar design t-shirt with its t-shirt design. No differences and always support each other. All success' ours.

As usual, who got this award have to share more to ten blogs or friends I have. Consequently, I have no idea about this. Moreover, you have to post or review this award in your posting area. Still and all, I'll do this with my own way. Just Like I do on my last Award Post.
  1. To anybody who care to receive this award can choose between two Award Images shown in this post. One is special designed for you. And the rule is:You have to review in post this award just like this one.
  2. Put these ten links below on your post area.
  3. Delete link number one and put your link on number ten when you share this award to other.
Here are ten links you have to put on your post area. Remember to delete number one and put your link on muber 10 when you share this Award.
  6. http://
  7. http:// 
Care to receive this Award? Just tell me down here in comment area.

Thanks for being care on belajar design t-shirt, where you can see up to date t-shirt design with Photoshop, and also having fun with free Download PSD file for your collection. Keep on moving with t-shirt design See you...!

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