Thanks God for being here again in my beloved blog belajar design t-shirt. How colorfull I am able to pass this messed day. Too much things to do and to think. One makes me suprise and having back my spirit is "Award" from my lovely blogger friends. By the end of this month, I've got two awards. Perhaps this time is the right moment to review.

The first Award I got from blogger friend from my hometown named Putra Sang Pejuang. Great thanks to you who try to popularize our hometown Palembang city by your informative blog. "Keep on spirit Buddy. What you've done made me proud..!"

The Second Award donated by WindFlowers who always support us to be smiling for better or for worse thing we have. Visiting her blog makes me feel and realize what love is, understanding what life is. All she said and wrote come from heart. I recomended you to visit this blog to fresh your mind. Thanks and love you Mam...!

Thanks Buddy...!
Next time belajar design t-shirt will award you all personally depend on how care you are. Let's start to design our life more useful to another. Thank you!

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windflowers mengatakan...

thanks a lot for your posting, and for your review..:)