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belajar design t-shirt
Do you like to wear t-shirt for your daily activities? All we do. But sometime, we felt less of its fun when its design's not suitable wit2C start to design your own blank t-shirt right now and this blog is the right recommended. I'll show you how.

Things to be prepared for designing t shirt
  • Surely a computer with a Photoshop Program on it. In this Belajar Design t-shirt blog, uses Photoshop CS3 Extended. It's uncommon grafical design program to use in t shirt designing. I try to break it when else usually accomodate by CorelDraw or other vector grafical programs. Care to to download Photoshop CS3 Extended?, I just have a portable one to download here.
  • And then, in this Belajar Design t-shirt we usually use a design named Blank T-Shirt Template  also. It's very helpful to accomodate your designing view. You're not just designing on a blank canvas, but you do that on blank t-shirt template. You do and you see your design on t-shirt directly. Should you make your own blank template design? No, you should not. I've made it for you and you can Download it here.
All have done. We're gonna start to design t-shirt, but how can you use blank t-shirt template? I'll show you next. Keep on track!

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