belajar design t-shirt
belajar design t-shirtLet's make peace and not war. That's the main theme for t-shirt design at this moment. Belajar design t-shirt try to provide you of making design with simply way of process. The design just made of custom shape and special font type. No need special skill to complete it. And let's check out how to make it.

We use photoshop default canvas with white color for this design. Activate your custom shape tool and choose "No Sign" shape such show below. Press Ctrl+J to make some duplicates.

belajar design t-shirt
Here is three duplicates sign of shape we've just made.

belajar design t-shirt

Till this steps, you can add some shapes which shown thing war stuffs, such as grenade, skull or pistol. Use your own custom design.

belajar design t-shirt

Personalize with palm to show No or forbidden thing.

belajar design t-shirt

Type MAKE PEACE and NOT WAR in different layer and color. See the screenshoot.

belajar design t-shirt

This is the final result what I mean to.

belajar design t-shirt

You can try this on your own t-shirt, and make peace in the world.

belajar design t-shirt

That's all what I can serve you this moment. Always collect PSD and JPEG file for your own and thank you for always being in touch with belajar design t-shirt. See you next design...

4 komentar:

deasy mengatakan...

P.E.A.C.E and not WAR! siip...

Ladida mengatakan...

not onLy peace . . ,

but PLUR !!!

Peace Love Unity Respect . . ,

I'm a Slankers , hehee

Iskaruji mengatakan...

Yupz..PLUR!...Peace Love Unity Respect... I love it. Thanks for comments!

Lulus Sutopo mengatakan...

Make peace,..!