belajar design t-shirt
The idea which belajar design t-shirt use in this t-shirt design based on what I found on Google Insights for search. I found there that the keyword miss and fashion become popular on search engine nowadays. Moreover, a woman who lose her self confidence when her fashion is out of date become an interesting topic to discuss. No woman without fashion in her mind. And belajar design t-shirt try to represent this on t-shirt design which I named "Miss Fashion t-shirt design".

I categorized this t-shirt design into image style. Because it's made of a ready image such like a miss with brown base color. What I've done here is just to customized it with brush style same base color with the image using photoshop program.
belajar design t-shirt

I suggest you to Download free psd t-shirt design as samples for you. Make some personalization as you like with free psd t-shirt design. Create your own t-shirt design with it and try it on different t-shirt design template.

Thank you for being here and supporting belajar design t-shirt where you can create your own t-shirt design with free psd t-shirt design for you. See you next design...!

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offensive t shirts mengatakan...

Nice contest
Go go green concept with the t-shirts is just the commendable.

Iskaruji mengatakan...

Sometime, it's just a bit thing what we are able to do. Better than take no action at all..anyway, thanks for being here!

D3w1 mengatakan...

Seem like me, miss fashion!