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Kevin Rose, perhaps some of you don't know him. but for me, he's become one of my fan on online earning maker I've ever known. Refresh your mind, that he's the big boss of digg.com. I'm sure you've known this and may be you're become one of this service member. Check out his complete profile and bio on Wikipedia.org. Base of this success story, belajar design t-shirt try to represent this on t-shirt design entitled "Digg me Kevin T-shirt".

This t-shirt design made of Kevin's high resolution photos which I found on net. And I adjust it to threshold type using Photoshop. View samples process on free psd t-shirt design after you download it. You can customize it to create your own t-shirt design by having some retouch on face and text color to match it on t-shirt design template. Personalize your own color!
belajar design t-shirt

Thank you for being here and supporting belajar design t-shirt where you can create your own t-shirt design with free psd t-shirt design for you. See you next design...!

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