belajar design t-shirt
How do you think about urban living? For me it's really complicated messed. Living there without in harmony. Sometimes we don't know who next door to us are. Crowded in rush hour and much pollution everywhere. So what things make you fun living there? That's become main theme what belajar design t-shirt wanna tell you in this t-shirt design entitled "Urban Living t-shirt Design".

This t-shirt design become one of my Social Critical design. It's only made of Photoshop Brush Style. You can download the brush here. Things You can do is just colorizing to create your own t-shirt design.
belajar design t-shirt
As usual, as a sample or wanna get ready file to use for print, you can Download free psd t-shirt design here. And you can customize your own with free psd t-shirt design. Also try it on different t-shirt design template color for best view. Move on your creation!

Thank you for being here and supporting belajar design t-shirt where you can create your own t-shirt design with free psd t-shirt design for you. See you next design...!

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ChugyGogog mengatakan...

Keren sekali boz....gambar sama typografinya cukup matching. Sukses selalu

deasy mengatakan...

Cool! Mantaap..

Iskaruji mengatakan...

**ChugyGogog and Deasy
Thanks atas komentarnya...all make me better!

Pakbroncos mengatakan...

mas.. mas
keren mas idenya..

mau nanya mas..
mas buka online shop juga yachh

Iskaruji mengatakan...

Hehe..belum tuch. Sementara subsidi rokok baru dari sponsor ads dan download kalo ada yang suka. Doain aja ya...moga suatu saat ada distro online-nya...thanks and happy blogging!